Israel vs The Muslims

Pastor Bill Cripe has given a stellar presentation about the Middle East conflict. Please listen to it. He gave it in 3 parts, the 3 most recent broadcasts found at the link below. I've never heard a better presentation on it and I believe he had the anointing of the Holy Spirit as he delivered this 3-part message. They're entitled "Facts Are Stubborn Things."

Listen to the 3 most recent here:

Friends -we're heading into something most of you have never experienced before and I can't plead with you strongly enough to pay attention. I believe we're going to be awakened out of our day-to-day mundaneness this year. In April, Kerry is going to Israel to demand that the Israelis surrender to the "peace process," laying terms that Israel cannot live with. One observer said that Kerry's obsessed with this and is going to push it to the max. That spells great -- GREAT -- judgment coming upon this country if he goes through with what he's planning.

PLUS -there are a series of "tetrads" coming this year and next. Total lunar eclipses falling on God's feast days, this year and next. Something is coming, of that we can be sure. I'd say more, but this is going to be too long already. PLEASE wake up and pay attention.

In addition to pastor Cripe's presentation, I recommend the book, "As America Has Done To Israel," by John McTernan. You can get it at John shows that ever since the "peace process" began in Madrid in 1991, every major effort by the United States government to interfere with or hinder God's program of the restoration of Israel -- has brought hard judgments against the US, usually within 48 hours. I've made a chart of them at the link below, but please become informed and read the book.

Here's the chart

And here's the book:

PLEASE read it.

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