The Harbinger, A Message By Jonathan Kahn

People get upset when a believer states that a calamity might be judgment from God. I'm not sure I understand why they get upset -- if they've read what God says about Himself in his Word to us, then they'll know that not only does he warn by judgments, but that that is especially true when a nation founded upon His Word goes astray.

I have great compassion for those who suffer, as I've had more than my share of suffering in this lifetime. But I have come to accept what God has revealed to us, and to know that warnings come from a loving God who does NOT want to judge, but to bless. His blessings and his protection are thwarted, however, when a nation is willfully defiant against Him.

I do not like, nor recommend the host of the following broadcast and considered not posting the video. But his guest, Jonathan Kahn, has something VERY important to say to us, and I hope it will be heard and taken to heart.

Jonathan Kahn's ministry:


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why you would disapprove of Sid Roth. As far as I can tell, he's doing God's will. I think it's wrong to ever speak against a servant of God, whether we agree with him or not. The world does that well. Why would we join them against another brother or sister? The right stance is to pray for them. We must be a united Kingdom and not judge one another. Judgment should be left to God.

P Maillet said...

Sid Roth's program draws people who are interested in the "supernatural." That would be fine except that not all supernatural things are of God. When the disciples of Jesus asked him what would be the signs of his coming, the first thing he said was to be careful not to be deceived. Deception is the hallmark of this generation, SO validating what Christ said.

In my opinion, many of the guests who Sid Roth has on his program are teaching deception. In my opinion, he shows no discernment in his choice of guests. That's why I cannot endorse him.

Anonymous said...

As were in the days of Noah. People may poke fun and make jokes about those whom God has picked out. The day and time will come when the wheat will be separated from the tares. The elements will burn with fervent heat. The tares belong to the evil one, the devil. Hell is forever for those of you who mock God. Forever is a long time. Think twice before you open your mouth and pass judgement and sentence on anyone.

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