Obama Brings Judgment on America

President Obama made the public statement in his speech on Thursday May 19, 2011 that Israel must pull back to its 1967 borders and allow the creation of a Palestinian state within her borders.

Since that statement, there have been devastating tornados in America. Joplin, Missouri Fire chief Mitch Randles estimated that 25 to 30 percent of the city was damaged. "It cut the city in half," Randles said." These tornados have been the most vicious tornadoes in half a century.

Joplin was cut in half just like Obama wants to do to Israel.

I post these correlations when they happen in the hopes of bringing peoples' attention to it in such a way that they will take a closer look and learn what it's all about.

If I had no other reason to believe in God, the Israel story would be enough. May others find the Lord as they learn about this story and come to repentance.

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gregsim said...

I found your blog via Google when a friend got me interested in a possible correlation between US treatment of Israel and natural disasters. Per your recommendation, I read "As America Has Done to Israel". I am amazed at the correlations. Here is my question: Is there any correlation between any action by Japan against Israel and the Tohoku Disaster of March 11, 2011?

P Maillet said...

I've watched this correlation only as it applies to the US.

Interestingly, though, Japan did make a statement against Israel building homes in the "West Bank," but it was a year ago. What's interesting is that the statement was put out on March 11, 2010, exactly one year to the day of the great earthquake in Japan!

Read it here:

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