End Of The World On May 21?

Some of you have heard that either the world will end or the Rapture will happen on May 21.

The Bible tells us that one characteristic of "the last days" is that people will be scoffers, disbelieving the coming of the Lord. Read it in 2 Peter 3:3. I have come to see that those who set dates that come and go are actually producing the scoffing.

NO ONE knows the day or the hour of the Rapture. And those men who come up with reasons to believe it will happen at a certain time are actully doing harm to the Scriptural truths about the very Rapture they're misrepresenting.

The Rapture can happen at any time, there is nothing that needs to happen before the Rapture can take place. And Scripture tells us that NO ONE is going to know the date beforehand.

But that is not so concerning the end of the age. There ARE things that have to take place before the end. Those things are very observable and everything IS moving alarmingly in that direction. But there yet remains much that has to take place beforehand. There is a period of seven years that will precede the end of the age, and that period has NOT begun yet.

Here's an article addressing the issue concerning May 21.

And here is a brief discussion of the Rapture itself:
What Is The Rapture?

While it is clear that the end of the age is NOT going to happen this year, the Rapture is something that will happen without warning, so if you're an unbeliever or a scoffer you just might get left behind. Once that happens, the terrible things of the Book of Revelation will begin. Jesus said it will be a time of tribulation worse than has ever previously happened on the earth or ever will thereafter.

To be saved, and to be spared the most awful time in world history, you must be born again. If you want to know more, here are two places where these issues are explained:

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