A Rant As I Watch Gaza

I was reading an article someone sent me describing how Israel, under tremendous pressure from the US and the UN, is easing the delivery of goods into Gaza.

As I read the article, I could feel the anger rising inside me. I vented some of that anger in my response, and then felt I should post it because believe it or not, some people do not know the following facts.

First of all why, (and WHY don't others raise this issue?) -- why on earth is Israel responsible AT ALL for ANYTHING concerning the "Palestinians?' Palestinians are Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Turks, etc. So why on earth don't THOSE countries take care of their own??? In addition, the "Palestinians" have received incredible amounts of aid from the US and from the world. They should be wealthy -if that wealth were getting to them, that is. When was the last time you heard Israel moaning and groaning that it needs goods and jobs and medical help, etc, from those ancient countries? Israel's only been there 62 years, THEY are the ones who should be getting help from their neighbors. Take another look at the map. Tiny Israel is responsible to supply goods and medical care and jobs, and, and, and, and...to the "Palestinians"...???

This is just crazy. It makes no sense at all ...unless you're listening to MSNBC and other media who put out gross deception which the public just gobbles up as truth.

The world is criticizing Israel for wanting to check all goods going into Gaza by sea. GEE, WHY ON EARTH DO THEY WANT TO DO THAT, ANYWAY? Do you think it might have anything at all to do with the more than 7,000 rockets that have been fired upon Israel since they ceded Gaza to the "Palestinians"?

If Mexicans started launching rockets into our southern states, I mean THOUSANDS of rockets, just how long do you think the US would sit by and let it continue? Yet this same United States, along with the United Nations, demands exactly that from Israel and that is just insane.

Consider this: Israel has the CAPACITY to destroy all the nations around her in one hour. Israel has nuclear armaments. But instead of doing that, they allow their citizens to be butchered and rocketed and shot and blown up by those enemies. Who has ever ever praised Israel for her restraint? For NOT nuking those monsters? No, the world yells and screams and gets all upset because Israel wants to check shipments from Muslim nations going into Gaza. This truly, truly is insanity

I heard a report today of some Gazans getting medical care in Israel. Uh-huhhh. Do you know what Gaza would do if an Israeli accidentally stepped foot into Gaza? They'd either kidnap him for political purposes, or they'd just out-and-out kill him. It's certainly been done enough times already. Yet few take note when Israel gives humanitarian aid for whoever, wherever, including to their enemies. It happens all the time, but the public isn't told that. I remember sitting in an emergency room with a friend in Jerusalem. The room was filled with "Palestinians." One thing you can be sure of, there are NO Palestinian emergency rooms with Israelis in them!

When I lived in Jerusalem, I saw "Palestinians" everywhere I went. They walked the downtown streets. They rested in Israel's parks. Their children sold small wares in public places. Does the world realize that an Israeli would not survive should he be found on a "Palestinian" street? I remember many times hearing the news media report that a hiker, or a settler, or a soldier ventured accidentally into "Palestinian" areas, and was shot.

I was on a bus one time, going from Jerusalem to Beer Sheva. The window had a grate over it, and there was a soldier in the first seat near the driver, sitting stiffly, with his rifle ready in hand should he need to use it. That's all we were doing, traveling from one Israeli city to another Israeli city and our lives were in jeopardy.

Yet the "Palestinians" freely and without fear or threat walk the streets of Israel's cities. Does the public not know these things?

This is insanity. It's very, VERY hard for me to understand why the world hates Israel and coddles the "Palestinians." I came to realize recently that part of the reason lies in the news media people choose as their news sources. The left-wing media report out-and-out lies. And people don't know any better, nor much care. They go on believing lies. The lies of the media, and the lies of the Muslim clerics.

Remember this oft-overlooked fact:

According to Muslim clerics, it is NOT a sin to lie for the sake of Islam, in fact it is encouraged, and that is common knowledge. If you believe ANYTHING they say, you're either terribly naive or sadly uninformed. They lie freely and without conscience. In fact they brag about it.

Jesus had this to say about Satan:
"He was a murderer from the beginning,
and does not stand in the truth,
because there is no truth in him.
When he speaks a lie,
he speaks from his own resources,
for he is a liar and the father of it."
John 8:44

Pretty well describes Islam, doesn't it?

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excellent Paula. very well put!

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