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There is precedent in the Bible in which the Lord intensifies his message by repeating it a second time. For example, there were two parts to the Egyptian Pharoah's dream, which Joseph interpreted, and Joseph told him that the doubling of the message indicated its seriousness and its certainty.

Less than a week after a huge blizzard engulfed the White House and shut down Washington DC as well as a large part of the country around it, a second snow storm dumped yet another foot of snow on the city which hadn't even recovered from the first one yet.

But that's not all. Did anyone notice this?

There also was an earthquake -- where of all places?

Chicago, Obama's home state.

And it was strong enough that residents in several states around it also reported feeling the quake.

Connect those dots if you can!


Doubled Biblical message:
Joseph said to Pharoah, "and the dream was repeated to Pharoah twice, because the thing is established by God..."
Genesis 41:32


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Most Rev. Gregori said...

God will not be mocked, and I believe HIS messages and warnings will only get worse, and perhaps, more frequent.

Personally, I don't think Obama and his leftist chorts care.

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