Global Warming Hits The White House

Do any of you remember climate expert Lord Christopher Monckton who urged Americans to resist what was going to happen in Copenhagen in December? To jog your memory -- it was the global warming thing -- because we in America have such a huge carbon footprint, we were going to join other countries and cede our US sovereignty over to the United Nations so they can spread the wealth to the developing nations that haven't left a large carbon footprint.

The whole global warming thing ties into the push for globalism, something that the Bible prophesied ages ago, the one-world system that will be headed by the Antichrist. Just remember this: the global warming subject has an agenda and it's an agenda we don't want. A fluke stopped it from happening this time in Copenhagen, but it will happen, be assured of that.

Anyway, when I saw the White House covered in global warming, errrr, uhhhh, snow, that is, -- it struck me as hilarious. Only problem is, they don't have eyes to see, or ears to hear and understand the incredible irony in this.

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