Is The Tragedy Of Haiti Related To Its Voodoo?

Is there any connection between the tragedy that has occured in Haiti and its practice of voodoo?

Many people scoff at the mention of evil spirits, curses, spells, witchcraft, and practices such as voodoo. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Back when Haiti was France's richest colony, it was known as "the Pearl of the Antilles," lush and beautiful, truly the crown of the Caribbean.

What happened? HOW could a place of such wealth and beauty become the poorest land in the western world, and one of the poorest and most oppressed countries on the face of the earth?

It is a historical fact that on August 14, 1791, the nation was dedicated to Satan by voodoo priests who covenanted with Satan, dedicating their country to him if he would set them free of the French who were enslaving and exploiting them. Everyone present sacrificed a black pig in a voodoo ritual and hundreds of the slaves drank its blood, swearing an oath to Satan to serve him if he would grant them this deliverance.

The nation of Haiti was officially born in 1804 and ever since, the witch doctors have met there each August 14 to sacrifice to Satan. And since then its fortunes have turned to chains of poverty, despair, oppression, and untold tragedy.

A Second Time

In 1991 Haiti was rededicated to Satan on its 200-year anniversary by then president Jean-Bertgrand Aristide, a defrocked Catholic priest who made voodoo the official religion in Haiti. In his decree, Aristide said, "Voodoo is an essential part of our national identity." On that day he had all the radio stations play nothing but Voodoo music. He flew in hundreds of Voodoo priests from Africa to take part.

Haiti is the only country in the entire world that has dedicated its nation to Satan. Demonic spirits are consulted for decisions, to cast spells, to perform all that has to do with witchcraft. Haitian children are taught at a very young age all about Voodoo rites, services and rituals, about the bòkò or witch doctor, and the power he has. They live their lives going to the witch doctor with requests that he cast spells of illness, malnutrition, misfortune or even death on others. Up to 75% of the population of Haiti practice Voodoo.

Let The Facts Speak

When you look at countries of the far east, the poorest and most desperate of them live under various Hindu and Buddhist gods which they are constantly appeasing with their devotions. The results speak volumes.

In contrast, consider the United States which was founded on the Judeo-Christian principles of the Bible. There has never been a nation on earth as blessed and prosperous, mighty and successful as America. Those who have eyes to see have been screaming desperate warnings that America's present course will change all that, having started with the nation-wide effort to erase all that has to with God and his Word.

Haiti, along with places like India and China, are visual examples of the poverty and devastation unleashed when peoples worship and serve the gods of this world, who are representations of Satan who, the Bible says, has come only to "steal, to kill, and to destroy."1 The pictures we are seeing of the misery in Haiti are stark demonstrations of exactly that.

In the same passage Jesus said, on the other hand, that he has come to bring life, and that more abundantly. America has been a stark demonstration of this blessing for more than 200 years now.

Jesus, in a discussion of tragedy, said "unless you repent, you shall also likewise perish."2

Is anyone listening?


Scripture references:
1 -John 10:10
2 -Luke 13:3


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I know many7 scoff at this report, claiming there is no truth behind it or that God does not punish innocent people (those who are not believers in Voodoo. However, as I stated on my blog, God punishes entire nations for the sins of their governments, especially when the masses sit back and don't speak out against the evil their government does. Silence is a form of agreement.

America, beware!!

groovyoldlady said...

I think you're 100% right. My prayer for the Haitians is for God's mercy and their genuine repentance. And yes, that is my prayer for America as well!

Anonymous said...

God who created the Universe does not go against His own laws, curse God and be cursed...He gives us a free will to make our own choices, we choose life or we choose death, these are the only 2 choices. There are a lot of good people in Haiti, ones that love God and that did not want to rededicate their land to Satan but they were out voted and now the entire country is paying for that bad decision, twice!
So, we pray for them, pray that they will have a revelation of God's love for them, He would love to help them. He said, if you cry out to me I will save you! So simple! Some are doing exactly this...He will turn it all into good!

Does anyone know exactly "where" the dedication took place?

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