Reaction To Netanyahu's Speech

I've just very slowly read Netanyahu's SPEECH and it looks a lot different to me now than it did last night when I saw only the news headlines claiming he has accepted the concept of a "Palestinian" state.

If you read the speech, you hear a man PLEADING with the world for peace. ALL he asks is that Israel be acknowledged as the Jewish State in the land of Israel, to be allowed just to live in peace.

He made some very good points:

1. It was in this land that Israel was born - no, not only in 1948, but 3,500 years ago. It is where Abraham lived, Isaac, Jacob, King David, Solomon, and the other patriarchs of Israel. In fact (my addition) the land that King David ruled over included much more territory than what Israel presently resides in. It is beyond dispute that this is the land where Israel was born - brought into being by God himself.

2. It's really not about land. He makes the point that the attacks against the present-day Jewish people began long before 1948.

"The attacks against us began in the 1920s, escalated into a comprehensive attack in 1948 with the declaration of Israel's independence, continued with the fedayeen attacks in the 1950s, and climaxed in 1967, on the eve of he Six-Day War, in an attempt to tighten a noose around the neck of the State of Israel. All this occurred during the fifty years before a single Israeli soldier ever set foot in Judea and Samaria." (the "west bank")

In other words, it's not about land. Take a look at that land: HERE

3. He makes the point that the "Palestinian" refugee problem will be resolved OUTSIDE of Israel's borders. For those who don't know, the "Palestinians" demand that the "refugees" be allowed to return into Israel proper. Can you imagine hundreds of thousands of Muslim "refugees" pouring into tiny Israel? Did you look at that map???

He goes on to say that at the same time the "refugee" problem began, multiple tens of thousands of JEWS were evicted from all Arab lands where they had lived for millenia. My point: Tiny Israel absorbed their Jewish refugee brothers, the Arab countries should absorb theirs.

4. The two requests Israel makes

First, that the Muslims recognize the State of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. How can Israel negotiate peace with Muslims who don't even recognize her existence?

Second, that a new "Palestinian" state be demilitarized.
My comments: In 2005, Israel embarked on a very costly experiment. Israel forcibly removed all Jews from the Gaza region. I've been to Gaza, when the Jews lived there. I have pictures of the beautiful greenhouses we visited, the well-kept lands, the thriving community. But in 2005, they were forcibly removed, thousands upon thousands of them, and that land was given over to the "Palestinians." The "Palestinians" thoroughly trashed it. Today it is a heap of poverty and ruination, though tens of millions of dollars were poured into it by the US and the world.

But that's not the main point here. Here's the point: today Gaza is full of "Palestinians" who rain down missiles upon Israel's southern cities daily - tens of thousands of missiles since 2005. So now, they want Israel to give up the "west bank" too? So the same thing can happen there? And make no bones about it because the "Palestinians" don't - that's exactly what would happen. That would be out and out insanity.

Basically, what Netanyahu has said is just let's live side by side in peace, that's all we ask. You can have your "Palestinian" state, we have no desire to rule over you. You'll have your own flag, your own national anthem, your own government. Together we could achieve so much for the next generation of our children.

This is all he said. He submitted to Obama's demand that he stop building settlements or increasing the ones they already have. He's SO willing to venture into peace with the US, the "Palestinians," and the world. All he wants is security for his country. Nothing more.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

"All he wants is security for his country. Nothing more."

And therein lies the rub. "Peace, Peace, and when they think they have peace, comes sudden attack." I know my quote may not be exactly correct, but you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I sure do know what you mean, Abouna. And I have a LOT more to say on the subject. But for now, I just want to deal with the speech.

Gayle said...

Excellent analysis of his speech, Paula. What really gets me is that there are even Jews who won't stand up for Israel! It's disgusting!

Anonymous said...

The only way one will "get it," is if that one knows the Scriptures about the "last days." The secular Jews don't know or care about the Bible.

But there's a wave of revival sweeping over the Jewish people, especially those in Israel, AND over the Muslim peoples too, I hear. May it be!

Ann Marie Duguay said...

Hi Paula
Great commentary as usual. True and to the point! Do you believe the Muslim world will ever recognize Israel? I don't, and I don't think Netanyahu does either.
Cousin Ann

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting, Ann.

If you know your Bible, (and I know you do) you'll understand what's it's all about.

Islam is Satanically inspired, with the goal of perpertrating hatred of Israel and the ultimate aim of destroying Israel.

As an added element, it is also set against Christians. Islam hates the "people of the Book," as they call Jews and Christians.

The Bible also foretells that the Muslim countries around Israel will be destroyed.

It's the ancient story of the war of "the god of this world" against the God of Heaven.

It's quite a drama, playing itself out right before our eyes. Shows us, too, where we're at in the timeline.

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