Warm Muslim Grandfather

Most of us are used to seeing the diatribes of yelling, screaming Muslim imams whipping up a frenzy of passion to kill the infidels.

They say we can't blame the "moderate" Muslims for the insanity of the radical ones.

Well here's a clip of a nice soft-spoken Muslim man giving a talk. If you were to not read the English subtitles, you'd think this is a nice, grandfatherly elder speaking to nice moderate Muslims about the ways to practice charity in the name of Allah.

So go ahead, listen to this meek and mild teddy-bear of a man. Listen for a bit before you look at the subtitles. Toasty warm ambiance, huh?

Then read the subtitles.


Gayle said...

Yes, these people have a patent on evil, Paula. Killing doesn't bother them. Torturing doesn't bother them, but we have a president who thinks we can be friends with them. In my opinion our president is certifiable. The inmates are in charge of the asylum!

RaDena said...

How evil! It is beyond comprehension.

P Maillet said...

It's an ancient hatred, RaDena. Playing out before our very eyes. And yes, it IS evil beyond comprehension, because it was created by and is inspired by none other than Satan himself. It's a fascinating story.

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