Hillary's Costly Trip To Israel

Here we go again.

For those of you who are familiar with the phenomenon concerning judgment on America within 48 hours of America coercing Israel to give up more of her God-given land.....

As America's Secretary of State begins her visit to the Middle East, America is pummelled with a severe blizzard that so far has cost 4 people their lives and that has landed damage in the thousands of dollars upon states from Alabama up to the northeast.

Here are just some of the stats:

4 dead
The blizzard-like snow, sleet, freezing rain and wind gusts of up to 30 mph in Massachusetts, Rhode Island contributed to four deaths on roads in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and on New York's Long Island.

Churches closed in Alabama
-because of snow?!!!

Flights cancelled
100 flights cancelled in Boston alone
100's cancelled in New York
300 flights cancelled in New Jersey

Buses cancelled
Greyhound and Peter Pan bus lines cancelled trips affecting travelers in and out of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Code Blue in Philadelphia
Philadelphia declared a Code Blue weather emergency, briniging in homeless people to shelters because the weather conditions pose a threat of serious harm or death.

Costs to New Jersey
...in the millions

No electricity
100,000 lose electricity in North Carolina
74, 000 lose power in South Carolina
123,000 lose power in Virginia

So Hillary's visit to Israel today is costing the US in death, massive power outages, and thousands of travellers stranded with flight cancellations.

And she's only just started!

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Candace said...

I am afraid he is right if Israel is forced to divide Jerusalem. Talk about dictating to another country, wow. Giving away another country's land to someone else. That is so wrong. I pray for Israel, and the Lord will defend her.
Hillary and Obama will put an end to the U.S.

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