Media Bias Out And Out Evil

This is what the media constantly show you:

These are what the media
NEVER show you:


Gayle said...

It's absolutely true and you would think the media would be ashamed of themselves, but of course they consider themselves superior to us. They think they've got the answer to everything and they have the answer to nothing. It's disgusting!

I posted an article recently regarding Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber. He's going to go to Israel as a war correspondent for PJTV. Perhaps now we will get some truth in reporting. Wouldn't that be a miracle!

P Maillet said...

Gayle, I believe it's more than thinking themselves superior. I believe there's a far more sinister force behind the media, misinforming the public and shaping stories according to its purposes.

Yes, it WOULD be a miracle if "Joe the Plummer" could bring us the truth behind what's going on. But I doubt that "the powers that be" would allow it.

Anonymous said...

look up Walid Shoebat-he's an arab ex terrorist. He was looking at the original greek text of revelations and where it says 666 in ours (on acount of geomatria) it had the greek letters ki psy and sigma. (i think i spelled that right.) He could read it(I imagine he was astonished) and it looked like it said "bismillah," that is "in the name of allah". It's rather interesting to note that all these people have Allah's words on their FOREHEADS. doesn't the beast and false prophet cause all GREAT AND SMALL to recieve the mark? Also look up 666 and the Quran and look at what you find. if your like me you will be freaked out.

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