Obama Tied To PLO Terrorist Group

More and more, information continues to come to light about Obama's shady associations, yet the American people ignore it and give him their vote anyway.

The Bible says that in the "last days," people will be given over to delusion. This is a good example of a people totally disregarding the blatant evidence and continuing to back a person regardless of the darkness with which he has been associated.

Sean Hannity of Fox News exposes Obama's ties to a former leading member of the PLO terrorist group. Yes, that's Yasser Arafat's organization.

I first saw this at my friend Abouna's blog:

What's it going to take, people? How do we stop you from electing Hitler all over again? Did you know he rose to power on a platform of "peace"?



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Gayle said...

"Platform of peace." And I am the tooth fairy! Sheesh!

Yes, given the devil his due, Obama is a master of deception. He doesn't bat an eyelash when he lies! He doesn't even stammer so much when he's asked a question he doesn't like, although he still has a bit of a problem with that. But he evades and fabricates and the liberals lap it up like good little puppies looking for a free handout. Shameful!

Paula, the media aren't the only ones pushing Obama for president. So are the Pollsters. Fox News even said so today and in an article on their website. Many pollsters are lying, trying to convince us to just give it up and not bother to vote because we think Obama will win anyway. The deception out their is certainly not limited to Obama!

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