Islam Infiltrating Our Schools!

I am seething. I can hardly believe it.

I should have known, but I just would never have believed that it would happen here.

We've known for a very long time that Islam thoroughly perverts the truth and indoctrinates its children in hatred for everyone and everything not Muslim.

That is, in their elementary schools, right?

Well would you believe's happening here too?!?

Dr. Gary Tobin, president of "The Institute for Jewish & Community Research", along with associate Dennis Ybarra, conducted a study on American textbooks and published their findings in their book, "The Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion."

The study reveals that "American public school students are being loaded up with indoctrination about Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the Middle East, to the cost of Christianity and Judaism and the benefit of Islam."

One textbook, "The World," by Scott Foresman, dares say, "Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus."

JESUS, a "Palestinian?" When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, there was no Islam, there was no Mohammed, and Bethlehem was an Israeli town in Judea, Israel, where also King David was born. Both Jesus and David were of the tribe of Judah. Judah, you know, one of the sons of Jacob.

Here's more of what was found AMERICAN textbooks:

* The Arab nations never attacked Israel.

* Arabs nations want peace, but Israel does not.

* Israel expelled all Palestinian refugees.

* Israel put the Palestinians in refugee camps in Arab lands.

* Palestinian terrorism is nonexistent or minimal.

* Israel is not a victim of terrorism.

*Terrorism against Israel is justified.

* U.S. support of Israel causes terrorism, including 9/11.

What you WON'T find, is the fact that Jesus will return as a JEW, to Jerusalem, and will rule on the Throne of David, and the nations that came against Israel will be severely judged. Gee, I wonder why they left that out!

This makes me absolutely livid. In reading the article, I felt a feeling of helplessness come over me. Just yesterday I said to a friend, "What's happening in America reminds me of watching someone die of cancer, knowing there's nothing you can do to stop it."

I said that because that's what I see happening to this once-great nation. Morality has packed up its bags and left, God is banned, evil runs rampant...

And now, Islam is succeeding in taking over bit by bit by bit while we sit back and let it happen as we bow before the god of tolerance! ! !

I believe that Islam is THE tool Satan will use to bring about all that's prophesied concerning "the last days." Who can deny that's it's half-way there already? Look at Europe -in most European countries there are more mosques than churches.

WHY IS IT that the world is just sitting back and letting it happen? Makes me think of that drug that is given in date rape.

Have we gone blind? Have we taken leave of our senses? Are we utterly insane?

I mourn for this country, and not only for this country but for the entire world that is being brought under Islam.

There's no chemotherapy for this one. It's stage four already.

Nothing more to do but to mourn.

The rest of the article this was taken from:
'Jesus was a Palestinian,' Claims U.S. History Text
Worldnet Daily, October 03, 2008


Father Gregori said...

That is the next step in dumbing down the American people. Soon you will hear of our children being taught that Christopher Columbus was a Muslim.

The minds of the vast majority of Americans are so numb that they are practically in a comatose state. Just look how they act at the campaign rallies held by Obama.

They stand there in a deep intellectual trance and mindlessly chant "Obama,Obama, Obama," along with "Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can," most likely that they are even unaware they are doing it.

Yes folks, America as we knew it is finished. She died sometime ago, but some one forgot to tell her.

P Maillet said...

That chant is chilling. Shades of Hitler. Here we go again, except it's happening here now. America's death rattle.

Gayle said...

I agree with you, Paula, and both of the comments above this one. It's beyond horrible!

If Americans would rise up and demand this BS be stopped, it would be, but Americans are too distracted by other things, which is what the Muslims are counting on. They are sneaking it in right under our very noses along with the liberals. It's chilling indeed! :(

KarenMarie said...


How refreshing it is to find a clean - straight forward blog that really delves into core issues pertaining to Israel - and the so often sad and sordid condition of our world religiously,politically, morally and socially.
I quote from the shared piece: 'This makes me absolutely livid. In reading the article, I felt a feeling of helplessness come over me. Just yesterday I said to a friend, "What's happening in America reminds me of watching someone die of cancer, knowing there's nothing you can do to stop it."
I so very much relate to these feelings. It is a deep saddness in my soul that I can't erase anymore than I could erase the true realities of what is happening in America's corruptive conditions.

I have very long held to the conviction that the intense resurgence, yet, 'normalization' of the occult in our country has blinded the eyes of our country in numbers that are shocking.

Harry Potter having come on the scene took masses by the millions and cast his followers into a living hell.

As we know the 'ministers' of Satan come as mininsters of light. The author of the Harry Potter fiasco from hell represents a 'minister of light.' (J.K. Rawlings)

I will never forget the day I watched Colin Powell and Laura Bush on national T.V. give a literary thumbs up to the whole Potter series BECAUSE it caused our children to love to read.

To think these our national leaders leading our children to hell with approval ratings that sky-rocketed was beyond appalling to me. It showed me yet another 'depth of Satan.'

And it wasn't just the children whose very souls, spirits and hearts were being corrupted, countless millions of adults picked up the books and dove in whole heartedly to each new Potter book, and or, movie.

As for the blantant propaganda that can be found in our country's school books, I say...Again the ministers of darkness can be found on every path our children walk.

G-ds Word clearly teaches that as individuals we need to 'receive with meekness the engrafted Word which is able to save our souls.'

The very soul of America's children in massively large numbers are being led to the spiritual slaughter of not only their lives, but to the continued down spiraling of our country; America will be judged for our position on Israel and for our immoralities.

The seeds that are planted today shall bring forth fruit tomorrow. The fruits now being manifested in our country are from the slow yet very progressive seeds planted in our schools - our very culture from years ago.

If the L-rd tarry's I shudder inwardly to see what our country looks like 5 years from now.


P Maillet said...

Thank you for commenting, KarenMarie. Yes, we're of one mind on these issues. But you know, as dark as it gets the light will shine brighter. I believe we'll have opportunities as never before to bring the message to a bewildered people as they realize what they've done in kicking God out of the country. The multitudes may be lost, but each precious soul we can reach for Christ will live forever. We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us.

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