All Get "Tolerance" EXCEPT Christians

I believe that there is a tremendous move of Satan himself behind incidents such as the following news item. Take a look and if you're not totally blind (yet), an incident such as depicted below makes it just too obvious.

It doesn't even make common sense. Why are the news media flooded with demands for a forced "separation of chuch and state," but at the same time putting forth the only REAL "discrimination" in this country, which is discrimination against anything Christian?

Anything occult, and anything Muslim, is being allowed everywhere. All Muslim sensitivities are being protected. But at the same time, all expression of Christianity is being feverishly banned.

Occultism, the "New Age" movement, and Islam, are taking over not only this country but most of the world, and anything they want to do in our schools is "tolerated." Yet when you do see anything smacking of real "discrimination," it's almost always against anything Christian.

Can someone explain this to me?


The news item:

A court in Wisconsin has been asked to suspend immediately a policy in theTomah Area School District that bans Christian symbols in students' artwork, but allows Hindu, Buddhist and satanic representations. ( ! ! ! )

The Alliance Defense Fund launched a lawsuit on the student's behalf after a teacher refused to give him a grade on a project because his work included "John 3:16" as well as "As sign of love."

The school district, however, openly acknowledged and publicized various pieces of "art" representing Buddhism, and Hinduism as well as several Satanic-looking demon faces.

Allowing demonic depictions by some students while prohibiting Christian religious expression in artwork by others is a blatant violation of the Constitution," said a senior ADF legal counsel.

The lawsuit was filed late last month after the student's artwork was rejected, then he was told he had signed away his First Amendment rights at the beginning of the semester in order to participate in the class. At the time he signed the policy, he had no idea that it would be so restricting of religious expression in the class.

Further, the student is a minor and was denied the opportunity "to seek advice from counsel" before being required to sign, ADF said.

The ADF's motion noted: "While penalizing A.P.'s religious expression, defendants prominently displayed in the school's hallway a large painting of a six-limbed Hindu woman riding a swan figure. …Elsewhere, on a hallway bulletin board, there hangs a drawing of a robed sorcerer." A Hindu fountain that also was allowed.

The law firm said the district displays artwork reflecting Hindu, Buddhist and Satanic themes all over. "It is displayed in classrooms, including the very classroom where district officials met to reiterate to A.P. that his Christian religious expression warranted no constitutional protection," the law firm said.

"The fact that the student was not only refused a grade on the project, but given two detentions creates "a draconian atmosphere …that evinces a manifest hostility toward Christianity," he said.

"An incredible fact in this case is that in the very same room in which defendants Jackson, Millin, and Genrich conducted their parent-teacher conference with A.P. and his family – and reiterated their policies banning student religious expression in class assignments – defendants displayed student drawings of the Greek goddess Medusa, a demonic figure with horns, scales, and protruding tongue, several demonic masks, and a drawing of the Grim Reaper, holding a scythe," he said.

"Here, the school permits some religious expression in its classrooms and hallways, as long as it is not Christian religious expression," the ADF said.

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groovyoldlady said...

...and thus I homeschool.

Abouna said...

Paula, Perhaps it is time that Christians rose up and became just as violent as Muslims, when we have been offended. May then our lawmakers will take notice.

Being "NICE" just doesn't cut it anymore.

Please help me try to educate people in this country by getting the word out, often and loud, that there is no such thing in the Constitution that says there is a separation of Church and State. The following is exactly what the First Amendment to the Constitution says:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

What it means is that the government cannot establish a State religion and compel people to accept it or take part. We have the right to worship where, when and how we choose, our rights do not end at the school doors. When the government tells us we cannot pray in school, or put up religious displays in public, and when the government established the 501c3 tax exemption (as a means to control churches) they have violated the Constitution plain and simple. The citizens of the United States need to learn this and fast.

By allowing all sorts of special rights for Muslims or other religions, while trampling on the rights of Christians is a violation of the Civil Rights of Christian citizens.

Gayle said...

It's absolutely outrageous, Paula! I hear and read so much about discrimination against Christians and it makes me feel almost physically ill. Your "Tomah Area School District" link has contact information for the school. I'm going to post on this and publish the contact information. It'll probably be Sunday before I can get to it though as I'm extremely busy. I'll leave a link back to you.

P Maillet said...

GroovyOldLady, you're the smart one. Our kids are the targets "they" are after!

You're absolutely right, Abouna, the Constitution only ruled that the government shall not ESTABLISH a state religion. Though many of us are out there yelling that, no one is listening. But we'll continue until our throat is hoarse!

Gayle, it sure is OUTRAGEOUS. When I read it I had a hard time to believe it because it's so blatant. They're not even trying to hide what they're up to anymore.

Morpheus, SOC said...

This is the condition of our country; because Satan won't cast out Satan. Go see "Expelled". It really shows you the hardness of our hearts. So many of these scientists like Richard Dawkins want to remove any hints of Christianity from the academy because in acknowledging it that requires accountability and could mean that there is someone we must be accountable to outside of ourselves. And that person would be God.

Gayle said...

As you saw, my last post about that idiot who writes that he believes Mary was raped by a Roman Soldier goes right along with this one, Paula. This sort of thing is obviously not going to go away. I like what Benning wrote in my comment thread:
" It's an old, old theory/lie, discounted easily by those of us who have read and believe the New Testament. Just another attack on Christians by the Left who know Christians won't riot over it. As usual Muslims will not be insulted by this creep because he knows they will riot and attack him. It's so true!

Denney Crane said...

We need more blogging here. I'm ready for more of your special wit.

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