Obama's Religion

This is a controversial subject, I know. It's a question that should not have been asked, in my opinion. Nevertheless, here it is. And I need to comment on it. See the reference news report below, after my comments.

Barak Obama says he believes Christ died for his sins.

Hold it right there. Does he really believe that? Look, he's a politician drooling over the big win. A lot is said for effect. A lot of planning goes into what is said publicly by the ones campaigning. They play to the audience. They say what they think will be most successful in getting votes. So. Is Obama playing to the conservative Christian vote? Listen, it would be a cold day in hell before any candidate wanting to win this election would say something like, "keep your religious convictions to yourself, I'm not interested." But I suspect that's actually closer to the truth than anything either candidate has actually said.

Obama's next words prove the point. He goes on to say that those of other beliefs are also "children of God." And that his mother is in heaven because she was a kind and generous person.

1. NO ONE goes to heaven on the basis of being kind and generous.

2. The Jesus who Obama says he believes in said the following:
    "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the
    Father except through Me."
    -John 14:6
Jesus said he is the one way, and that no one gets there other than through him. You can't claim Jesus died for your sins, and then reject what this same Jesus said about salvation.

Some of you are thinking, "how narrow!" Well Jesus had something to say about that too:

"...narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are FEW who find it." Matthew 7:14
Obama's words are just that - just words. Conjured up words according to what he thinks he needs to say to get the vote.

"They are clouds without water, carried about by the winds."
..Jude 1:12

Here's the report:

Obama Contends Belief In Jesus Christ Not Necessary For Salvation
AP - 3/27/2008

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Senator Barack Obama has told an audience that although he believes Christ died for his sins, those who reject that teaching can also be children of God.

During a campaign stop yesterday in Greensboro, North Carolina, Senator Obama told the audience that he believes he "can have everlasting life" because Jesus Christ died for his sins. But he then told a questioner that he believes Jews and Muslims who live moral lives are just as much "children of God" as he is. The Illinois Democrat added that his late mother didn't share his faith but was a kind and generous person, so he's "sure she's in heaven."

In his life and in his politics, Obama said he asks himself, "How can I apply Jesus's teachings in a very concrete way?" (NOT the way you're doing it now, Obama!)

Obama's religious beliefs have been put in the spotlight over recent revelations about his former pastor. Videotapes of some of Pastor Jeremiah Wright's sermons have been described as being racist and anti-America. Yesterday, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president referred to those sermon remarks as being "stupid," but he continues to reject suggestions that he should have left the church because of that kind of preaching from his pastor.



Gayle said...

Paula, I don't believe Obama is a Christian. I haven't read his book "Audacity of hope" but I have read snippets from it on the internet, and in one chapter of that book he says that he joined Trinity Baptist Church to "get street cred." I guess that's slang for "street credit", because nothing else makes sense.

So... being new in Chicago and being a politician he joined a huge and popular black church there in order to make himself known... That alone tells us a lot about Barack Obama! No, I contend he doesn't sound like a Christian because he truly isn't a Christian. Neither do I care how much Reverend Wright claims to be a Christian, no man of God can truly be a Christian who divides people as he does. Using God's name in vain doesn't help him to make his case!

Barack Obama would be very dangerous as president of this country. It is one of God's blessings that his associations are finally coming to light. Let us hope enough voting Americans are paying attention!

Good post. :)

Oh, one more thing: Some people are saying that we shouldn't judge him by association. I've also heard it said that we should pay attention to "judge not lest ye be judged." I contend that we cannot get through this life without making judgements, but it is the way we judge others that could get us in trouble. In other words, if I judge anyone to be a bad person by the color of their skin, then I'm in deep doo-doo with God. That's just one example, of course. But the Bible also says that if you lie down with dogs you will get up with fleas, and from everything I've read and heard about Obama's associations, he's been lying down with a lot of dogs!

Have a great Friday. :)

groovyoldlady said...

wishy-washy. ugh!

Vote for Pedro!

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