Seeing They Do Not See -Hearing They Do Not Hear

As if the tornadoes that wreaked havoc across the south and central areas of the country weren't enough, it seems the message couldn't be louder or clearer now as one quarter of the California coastline is on fire.

We're meddling in Israel again - big time - and judgment is falling again in what has been clearly demonstrated as a principle: meddle in God's restoration of Israel and you'll have hell to pay. That is GOD'S land, HANDS OFF, America, you should know better, you have the Bible which tells the whole story. But yeah, I know, we've given it the boot as we've done to God himself.

If you're not following me, scroll down and read the post of October 19.

More than 540 thousand people have been evacuated as the fires spin out of control. This is the largest movement of Americans since the Civil War. The damage is already in the billions of dollars, with no end yet in sight.

Yet plans are still set for the summit in Annapolis next month. And mega-pressure is being put onto Israel by the American government to cede yet more of her land so that the "Palestinians" can establish a "Palestinian state" within Israel's borders. And the topic of dividing Jerusalem is again on the table.

Please take a look at this. Take a look at "Israeli occupation of Arab lands." Take a look at why more Arabs need more land in this land mass. TELL me someone, if this makes any sense:

Click Here

Now tell me the "Palestinians" need more of ISRAEL'S land for ANOTHER state.

Seeing, they do not see. And hearing, they do not hear. Oh America, you're going down.


Abouna said...

Paula, I have been trying for over three years to warn people that the United States is under condemnation and judgment by God, not just for what our government has been trying to force Israel to do, but also for America's embracing of homosexuality, for our continued legalization of abortion and for allowing the filthy anti Catholic/Christian demonstrations that take place every year in San Francisco.

Today, we are witnessing California burn, Texas being hit with one flood after another, parts of Georgia and Florida suffering sever drought, etc., yet people refuse to believe that God is warning us.

It is the same thing with the spread of AIDS. People refuse to believe that Aids is a punishment for homosexuality, illegal drug use and promiscuity. People like you and I are nothing more than vices crying in the wilderness. All we are doing is preaching to choir, NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO LISTEN.

Just to show you how stupid people are, I have been having a running argument with a person by the name of Dan Trabue, who claims to be a born again repentant Christian and then turns around and tells me that he does NOT believe that abortion, homosexuality and same sex marriage is sin. I asked him how he can claim to be a Christian if he doesn't believe the Word of God, since it was God Himself who proclaimed that homosexuality was not only a sin, but an abomination, and that abortion was MURDER, which God also condemned. His answer to me was: "You are not God so you have no right to judge my Christianity". I told him that I don't have to be God to know who is and who isn't a true Christian.

This is the sorry state of affairs in the world today.

groovyoldlady said...

And so we pray...and pray and pray and pray!

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