More Judgment Upon Our Country

Earlier this week I alerted some friends to take note that Condoleeza Rice has gone to Israel to prepare for the US-led summit to be held next month in the US. She's putting pressure big-time on the Israeli government to formally establish a Palestinian state within Israel's borders, and even cede some parts of Jerusalem. While in Israel this time, she has made very severe statements along these lines.

Many of you know that I've been watching for some time now the correlation between US pressure upon Israel and judgment upon this country, usually immediately, after the President or Secretary of State goes to Israel with such intent.

Please take a look at this morning's headlines from Fox News. And by the way, this venture to Israel is not over yet and is the preparation work leading up to the November summit.

Heaven will not be silent while the US, a supposedly Bible-based country, sticks its finger in God's eye right in the midst of God's long-prophesied program of restoring the children of Jacob back to the land of their fathers, which is well underway. This was the first time I've alerted people before the fact to watch for judgment as our government begins another horrendous pressure upon Israel to cede parts of her land to her enemy.

Storms Rip Through Kentucky, Michigan After
Wreaking Havoc in Plains, South

Storms that raked the Plains and Southeast on Thursday tossed a mobile home in Missouri, killing both people inside, and spawned a tornado in Florida that sent mall shoppers and children at a day care center running for cover.

The storms continued throughout the day, pelting downtown Chicago with hail during the evening rush hour and spawning tornadoes in Kentucky and Michigan as they swept eastward, officials said.

In rural northeastern Missouri, the state Highway Patrol said Kent Ensor and Kristy Secrease had sought refuge in Secrease's mobile home in Monroe County as a tornado approached. Their bodies were found about 400 feet from where the home had been. The mobile home's frame was found three-quarters of a mile away, with debris as far as two miles away. The National Weather Service said the had winds as high as 135 mph.

A line of storms ripped through northern Michigan on Thursday night, destroying several homes, overturning vehicles and leaving at least one person dead, authorities said. The 29-year-old victim was trapped inside his house after strong winds took the structure down around him. Kalkaska County sheriff's deputies confirmed the death, and said a couple trapped in another demolished house was taken to the hospital.

The National Weather Service said at least one and as many as five tornadoes touched down in Michigan. Outside of Lansing, seven homes in Shiawassee County were damaged and a semi-trailer reportedly flipped, authorities said.

A tornado Thursday morning in Pensacola, Fla., damaged the city's major shopping mall. A department store stock manager, said he heard the wind outside the store suddenly speed up and get louder. Then mall security guards entered the store and ordered 200 to 300 employees and shoppers into the basement. In downtown Pensacola, electricity was out and streets filled up with several inches of water from the rain.

The manager of the mall's Express for Men store, said water poured in from her shop's damaged ceiling. In downtown Pensacola, electricity was out and streets filled up with several inches of water from rain.

High winds injured three people in Arkansas on Wednesday, the state Department of Emergency Management said. A tornado also destroyed five mobile homes and damaged four houses.

Greater Little Rock Baptist Church's roof was damaged, as was its day care center. But the children there had been moved to safety before the tornado struck. "They heard the warnings, grabbed the kids and followed the drill."

Jack Cullen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, confirmed that a tornado touched down shortly before noon.

The severe weather continued into the night. Thunderstorms injured four people in a mobile home west of Louisville, Kentucky. Four more people were hurt when a mobile home in Sebree, Ky., collapsed because of strong winds, state police said.

Possible tornadoes were reported Thursday night in Illinois and Indiana. Winds reached 80 mph in New Amsterdam, Indiana. A sudden downpour belted downtown Chicago just as people left work, sending commuters scurrying into buildings to avoid strong winds, hail and horizontal rain. An 11-year-old boy was in stable condition after being struck by lightning.

To the West, a falling tree injured a woman and more than 220,000 customers lost power at the height of the storm.

The night before in Tulsa, Okla., more than 7,000 people were at the Oktoberfest festival when the tents collapsed. Five of those hurt remained hospitalized Thursday, and three were in serious condition with head injuries, concussions and lacerations.

North of Tulsa, five people were injured and 25 mobile homes and travel trailers were damaged when the storm hit a mobile home park between Oologah and the Washington County line.

Condensed from:
Fox News
October 19, 2007,2933,303456,00.html

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