Of Sodomists and Pagans

It takes a dangerous dose of hutzpah to stick the finger in God's eye and defiantly hold a "gay pride" parade in God's city, Jerusalem. I found it interesting that this event was held on the same day as pagans worldwide celebrated the summer solstice. See reports below.

They have no fear of God. That is, they don't now - but they will.

If you have any doubt as to what the Lord God has to say about homosexuality, read Romans chapter one, beginning in verse 18 to the end.

Report #1:
Thousands Attend Gay Pride Parade In Jerusalem

Some 2,000 participants, secured by 7,000 policemen, march through the capital's streets. ..After weeks of protests, petitions, security preparations and last-minute attempts to thwart it, the Jerusalem gay pride parade kicked off Thursday at 5 pm.

Dozens of rainbow flags and balloons were flown at the junction of Moshe Hess and King David streets, the parade's point of departure. The marchers also carried signs saying, "Where gays are being silenced, straights will be silenced too."

The marchers stressed that the fact the parade was taking place despite the massive campaign against it, was a victory for the gay and lesbian community.

Thousands of haredim (orthodox Jews) took part in a mass service on Jaffa Road at the beginning of the parade, during which they recited psalms and carried signs against the gay community and the High Court. During the parade, some protestors sat down on the ground sobbing.

Condensed from:
Aviram Zino, 6.21.07 Israel News

Report #2, on the same day:
Revelers Welcome Summer Solstice

STONEHENGE, ENGLAND [AP] Druids, drummers, pagans and partygoers welcomed the sun Thursday as it rose above the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge on the longest day of the year—the summer solstice.

Clad in antlers, black cloaks and oak leaves, a group of druids cheered and danced at the Heel stone—a twisted, pockmarked pillar at the edge of Stonehenge.

About 24,000 people gathered at the stone circle in Wiltshire, in southwestern England. Dancers writhed to the sound of drums and whistles as floodlights colored the ancient pillars shades of pink and purple.

Jeanette Montesano, a 23-year-old recently graduated religion student from New York City and a self-described pagan, said she had been saving for a year to make it to Stonehenge, comparing the importance of the trip to the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

The southern hemisphere, meanwhile, was caught in the depths of winter. In Antarctica, where permanent night rules from mid-April through Aug. 20, staff at New Zealand's Scott Base science facility celebrated the midwinter solstice with a formal dinner of speeches and toasts.

Condensed from:
By RAPHAEL G. SATTERAssociated Press Writer


Gayle said...

You already know how I feel about the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, of all places! Well, God is watching.

Regarding the summer soultice celebration at Stonehenge, I saw this covered on the History channel. I thought it was disgusting then, and I still do! The program itself was interesting because it explained how the place was built and what it was used for, human sacrifice having been one of the uses!

We have many deranged people worshipping false idols in this world, Paula. There will come a time when it will catch up to them.

Good post!

P Maillet said...

How true, Gayle. They'd better enjoy it while they can, because "the signs of the times" tell us they don't have a lot longer. And THEN, "every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess!"

Anonymous said...

Great post...check out mine at my site if you'd like. www.activechristianmedia.com

The gay activists are mad at me for exposing it....

Stacy L. Harp
President, Active Christian Media

P Maillet said...

I did check out your blog Stacy, and I really liked what I saw. Anyone reading this, check out Stacy's site:

Anonymous said...

what gives you the right to say how god feels. Humans wrote the "word of god" they could twist it any way they wanted. what makes you so positive that god is against gays. Romans is written in the new testament, after the birth of Jesus. After Jesus died on the cross for our sins. And you say that gays are worshipers of the human, and animals, not of god. Maybe because they have been told that they are unwanted. the church should not turn any ready christian down, yet you support to condem a population for thier sexual rights. You say that God has always wanted this, gays gone and straights to prevail. You know who else belived that...Adolf Hitler. a sick misguided christian who used the word of god against others. just as you are doing. what does it matter to you if two people who love each other want to spend the rest of their lives together. is it against nature to love someone of the same sex. you do not seem to be repulsed by obese people, however their wieght is against nature. people are not killed because of their wieght, however they are killed because they want to love and spend the rest of their lives with someone who makes them happy. they have "un-holy" sex, well they cannot get pregnat so they have to adopt, takeing children out of foster homes, and possibly off the street. and you condem these people to a life of hell and ridicule? maybe they are not they only ones who need to read the bible. Love peace, the lessons that Jesus taught, and died for. and you a supposed devote christian is ready to forget this becuase you are uncomfortable with seeing two men holding hands, or two women kissing?

P Maillet said...

What defines me as a Christian is that I have chosen -albeit with careful investigation first -to believe that God provided us with the Bible which is HIS word to us, explaining who he is and what his purposes are.

I didn't write the first chapter of Romans, nor did I write the several other passages in which God tells us that homosexuality is an abomination before him. I just believe what he said.

It's not to condemn a person caught up in homosexuality. It's to point out that it's evil in God's eyes.

We are all born into a fallen human nature, which pits us against God and his word. Some are homosexuals, some are thieves, some are liars, some are murderers, but ALL have a proclivity to evil.

God is not desiring to clobber us over our sin. He's looking for the ones who will believe him and turn to him for help to overcome, to align themselves with what HE has to say, and to receive from him the changed heart that ONLY he can give.

Condemn? No. Compassion? Yes. But it doesn't stop there. Every person is in need of a changed heart.

Gayle said...

The second comment from a different "Anonymous" than the first one here, shows that the person writing this is totally uneducated. Hitler a "Christian!" ROTFALMBO! Hitler only used religion to benefit himself, an the only God he truly believed in was himself! Anyone can claim they are a Christian. A person's actions are what counts. Hitler was not a Christian!

This person writes "is it against nature to love someone else?" Yes! It is definitely against nature. Our very body parts prove that! Men and woman are built to please one another... not man to man or woman to woman. The parts don't fit, and where two men's parts do fit is a disgusting abomination. It's also dangerous and spreads disease.

You are much nicer in your response than I am, Paula. Sorry... but I always say what I think. Neither do I condemn anyone. That job is up to God and His will will be done.

Abouna said...

Paula and Gayle, well said in your responses to "Anonymous" #2.

I am so sick and tired of listening to so-called Christians who think it is God's Will to allow sin, especially a sin that is so totally against nature, into the house of God.

Jesus said that we are to love the sinner but hate the sin, yet so many people today seem to think that means when you let the sinner into your church, you must also welcome their sinful ways. Whatever happened to repentance?

What good does it do for the rest of the congregation when the priest or pastor preaches against sin, then you allow gays or lesbians into the church and they continue, right in front of every body to hold hand, kiss and sometimes even grope each other? (I have seen this happen in some churches first hand)

I am also sick and tired of Christians who say, "Who are we to judge?" We have every right to judge and condemn sin, not the sinner, but the sin.

And just because gays and lesbians adopt children or because they may be nice people, does not make their life-style any less of an abomination. I know some child molesters, thieves, and even a couple of murders who, when you meet them are really wonderful individuals, but does that mean that we have to allow them to continue to commit their sins?

There is nothing wrong a man loving another man or a woman loving another woman but when that love becomes a physical sexual attraction that is acted upon, then it becomes a sin and an abomination.

Anonymous said...

ok about this i would like to answer the anomous #2 (btw i'm not her) although yes humans did write the word of God it does not me that they twisted it towards certain people they were inspired by God and decided to write as God told them to.
Hitler was not a christian he just thought he was holy which is completly wrong he used the Bible to make himself hold a higher position in peoples lives.
also the church does not tell them they are unwanted we pray that they will feel God's presence and return to the way things were made to be that's why he made man and woman!!!! not woman and woman or man and man! he wants it to be they way things used to be when he made all of this. About the whole 'is it against nature to love someone of the same sex' YES!!!!!!!!! it's MAN and WOMAN!!! he made us this way for a certain reason. about obese people they atleast know that its unhealthy but gays and lesbians believe everything they are doing is ok which it's not. About adopting kids thats great but not if its two of the same sex kids can turn out seriously wrong because this. Also i am very uncomfortable when i see two guys holding hands and kissing cause its just wrong now girls its okay to hold hands cause girls always do that but if it goes anymore than that then its just weird.but everytime i see one or meet one i pray for them asking God that he will show them the right way. I know im not the best catholic and all i'm still deciding if i believe the catholic way or another way but i do believe in God and what message the Bible tells us.

Melanie Stephan said...

Jesus Christ died on the Cross for your sins. "Jesus died for you."

That is Human Sacrifice. That is a Pagan practice. He died for you is a pagan concept. So if your Church tells you that Jesus died for you, you are in a Pagan Church. Now the Romans wheren't the only Pagans, Human Sacrifice was practiced just about everywhere in the World. Like one other blogger here stated, Stonehenge.

Don't feel bad if you didn't get it before. I also believed Jesus died for me, until God pointed this out to me. Most of you still don't have the right Deity yet.
Also note that Sacrifice and Sacrament are similar words. Sacrament is where you eat the sacrifice.

P Maillet said...

Thank you for commenting, Melanie.

The New Testament makes it very clear that Jesus became the atoning sacrifice for sin:

"In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atonement for our sins."
1 John 4:10

"For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice."
John 18:37

Perhaps you don't accept the New Testament. Well, then see what Isaiah has to say:

Is this child God? Isaiah answers. Paste this URL into your browser:

Isaiah also wrote the most difinitive passage about him in the Bible.
Read the whole chapter of Isaiah 53

He is the solution to mankind's great dilemma. Paste this URL into your browser:

And finally, here's my own personal witness, paste this URL into your browser:

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