Oh No! Resisting God's Work In Israel AGAIN!!!

US Sets Tough Deadlines For Israel
Demands made for removal of checkpoints, support of PA

Senior Israel officials fear friction could arise with the Bush administration over a timetable issued by the United States that sets detailed benchmarks for measures that both Israel and the Palestinians must implement.

For Israel, the document sets a precise schedule for removing security checkpoints,opening travel corridors in the West Bank, and supporting armed forces loyal to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Israel is also strongly encouraged to approve Palestinian request for food, industrial equipment, and weapons.
(Weapons!!! If this isn't insanity, what is???)

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to arrive in the region on May 15 to discuss the plan.

Israeli defense officials believe that the benchmarks create security risks (No kidding!) and have objected to several issues in the document, especially the demand to increase the openness of passages into and out of Gaza and the removal of many roadblocks in the West Bank. Israel has not responded officially to the document and a cabinet discussion on the topic was postponed on Thursday.

Passage into and out of Gaza! Does anyone else think this is beyond insanity? Gaza is a hotbed of terrorists. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind want Israel to grant passage into and out of Gaza? For jobs and trade? Let the Muslims create their own jobs and trade among the multitude of their brothers! Take a look:


Gayle said...

This is total BS, Paula! Why should Israel have to do anything to appease these murderous thugs? I'm really tired of all of this. It's insane!

I will post this article too, sometime next week, and leave you a hat tip for finding it. Good work, girlfriend! I will also forward this out.

groovyoldlady said...

Excellent reasoning.

Oh look, a marauding thief has broken into your house. Whatever you do, do NOT protect yourself or your property. Instead, give them the title to your house, hand them a butcher knife (It would be nice if you sharpened it for them) and bare your throat or we'll have to punish you.


Abouna said...

If our government keeps on this path of forcing Israel to give up land and give up security, God will heap retribution upon this nation.

What we are seeing with the Tornados, storms and fires that seem to be growing in intensity is just a warning of what is to come.

No body with an ounce of honesty can deny the fact that the further we turn from God as a nation, with each new concession given to the homosexuals and other immoral groups, the devastation from storms and fires along with other disasters gets worse. America better wake up. Time is running out.

Gayle said...

Woops! Looks like I got carried away and forgot about posting this. I'll do it for Tuesday as I already have a Monday post in draft.

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