Touch Israel, Get Judged!

Last week I sent an email out to only a very few people on my email list alerting them to observe that Condi Rice was going to the Middle East to jump-start the "Road Map to peace."

I'm still only observing this phenomenon which I've read about concerning judgment on this country every time the president or a high-ranking official opposes God's program for the restoration of Israel.

ANY attempt to get Israel to give up the land God has restored to her seems always followed by judgment. That's the principle. I'm watching it and I'll keep reporting on it as it happens.

The first book I read on this subject was White House correspondent Bill Koenig's "Eye To Eye," and now I'm reading John McTernan's "As America Has Done To Israel," both of which show the same thing. Of the two, I recommend John's book as it's much easier to read.

So ok -- she went. Did anything happen?

Well how about this which was on the Fox site this morning:
Icy Storms Kill 65 Across Nine States
Thursday, January 18, 2007

These storms have been going on and on all week. It would be wise of anyone so inclined to write to your congressmen, and even to the president, warning them to keep their hands OFF Israel or bear the consequences.


Anonymous said...

Shalom, I share this post here as it runs along the same vein (theme) of this posting.

Isn’t it possible that McCain/Palin lost their bid for President/Vice President because like Bush and Clinton more staunchly did, they cast their vote NOT IN FAVOR OF G-d’s Choice for Israel and her G-d GIVEN LAND, but rather, their vote was already cast for the continued promotion of the man-made ‘two-state solution?

I say this is precisely why they lost even though political speculation abounds in the courts of man’s logic and reasonings as to what caused them to lose.

The G-d I know means exactly what He says concerning Israel; His decisions and choices are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Had McCain and Palin stood convicted for the G-d of Israel’s DECISION concerning the land, I believe the outcome would have been quite different.

Does not our G-d SAY THAT ALL THOSE THAT BLESS Israel shall BE BLESSED, OR CURSED IF not a BLESSING to Israel?

What? Our G-d doesn’t mean what He says? No, He means EXACTLY what He says.

McCain and Palin were going to continue our national curse against Israel and G-d’s hand could not allow this to continue coming from the hand of professing christians.

In saying this, I am not saying McCain/Palin are not christians - but they either are not 'knowing christians' or they have somewhere along the line become convinced to bringforth the advice of man's counsels and not G-ds.

I pray that both McCain and Palin come to truly understand not that which their advisors tell them to stand convicted in, but that they seek instead the very counsels of the L-rd and His edifying advisors concerning Israel and HER G-D GIVEN INHERITANCE.


Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame. Zep. 3:19...The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day. Isaiah 2:11

P Maillet said...

Thank you for your comment, KarenMarie.

I believe God gave over this country to Obama because the American people have kicked God out of every public place and have defiantly defied him across the land.

I believe the time has come for Americans to reap what they have sowed as they've rebelled against God in more ways than we can count.

I've always wondered why God put a professing Christian in office (Bush) but a man who does NOT know the Israel story, so naturally he tried to bring a "peace" that cannot be. He just didn't get it. And I've concluded that God put that man in office because it was time to judge America. And Bush's mishandling of Israel was what has brought judgment on us. And will bring all the more judgment now that such a man as Obama takes over.

In the end, all these things are going to work together to get Israel where she needs to be: on her knees. All her allies and friends will desert her, and she will realize that she stands alone before the God that until now, she has pretty much ignored.

Israel NEEDS to be in this place, because God needs to bring her to her knees. And when she truly cries out to Him, He will answer.

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