Islam Converts Changing the Face of Europe

As many as 100,000 French and British citizens have converted to Islam over the last decade. ( ! ! ! )

The figures cited by Hebrew University Prof. Raphael Israeli in his upcoming book, The Third Islamic Invasion of Europe, are representative of the fast-changing face of Europe. He noted that about 30 million Muslims currently live in Europe, out of a total population of 380 million., adding that with a high Muslim birthrate in Europe, the number of Muslims living in the continent is likely to double within 25 years.

"The sheer weight of demography will produce a situation where no Frenchman or Dutchman could be elected to parliament without the support of the Muslim minority," he said Monday in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. ( ! ! ! )

"Muslims will have a more and more decisive voice in the makeup of European governments." The author/historian said that Muslim political power in Europe would directly impact domestic politics, including Europe's immigration policy, with millions of additional Muslims waiting at the door to gain entry to the EU as part of "family reunification" programs.

"Every European with a right mind has every reason to be frightened," Israeli said.
(But like the Americans, they do NOT understand the purpose behind it and generally just are not paying attention.)

"It is time one should wake up and realize what is happening in Europe," he concluded.

Israeli's book is due out in London in the coming months.

Condensed from:
International Jerusalem Post
January 23, 2007


RoxieAmerica said...

We are being pushed back in time to the days of Pope Urban II, when the world faces a threat so grave serious action is required.

It is my hope that people will awaken as they did in the days of Pope Urban II, the last time this form of Islamic revolution began to sweep across the globe.

RoxieAmerica said...

Oops, please forgive me, I was going to add a link:

Please see Iran's latest by checking the link.

Gayle said...

We had better wake up, Paula! It's getting a bit late in the day. One has to wonder what it's going to take in order to wake up the apathetic public? I don't even want to know the answer to that!

Good post.

Off topic: HaloScan is working for me again. Thanks for your comments. :)

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