Parade of Sodomists Cancelled!


The huge gay pride parade scheduled to take place today in Jerusalem - was cancelled and the paraders had to move to a closed auditorium instead.

Let's connect some dots:

Do you remember when the homosexuals in America scheduled their enormous gay-rights celebration of decadence, scheduled for New Orleans on August 31, 2005 -- and when that day came the US was hit with the largest natural disaster in US history? Over 150,000 homosexuals were expected to attend the event, but when the day arrived, so did hurricane Katrina. But in incredibly fearless defiance, the homosexuals rescheduled their "defiant decadence," for later, with their fists in God's face.

Well again, a gay pride parade was announced -this time for Jerusalem, but war arose in Lebanon, forcing them to cancel it. But true to their rebellious souls, they rescheduled it - and today was supposed to be the day. However because of the uproar among the orthodox believers because of it, plus terror threats because of an accidental killing of civilians in a military operation, Jerusalem was forced to cancel the parade!!!

What's particularly interesting is the par'shah (Torah reading) for this Sabbath, tomorrow. Would you believe this week's predetermined Scripture reading is Genesis 19!!!!!!! That's the passage on Sodom and Gomorrah!!!!!

Coincidence? I don't think so!

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