Homosexual Rights Without Limit?

Someone responded this morning to an email I sent out. As I answered him, I thought I'd share it with everyone:

  • > Some of the best workers that we have are supposedly
    > homosexual, but they don't announce it. I feel that they
    > should have rights, but no more than anyone else.

My response to him:

I agree wholeheartedly. There are "rights" that we ALL have, and I would not deny anyone those rights. One has the right to go out on the street and flail his arms all over the place, but his rights do not include hitting me with those arms.

Homosexuals have the "right" to live that lifestyle if they want. But they don't have the right to assault me and my children with their parades and visible intrusions into society.

Homosexuality stands alongside murder as an equally detestable sin in the eyes of God. I wouldn't want a murderer teaching my children, in fact I wouldn't want a murderer anywhere near my children. And I wouldn't want society to allow parades of murders defying God and proclaiming the "rights" of murderers in society. What rights would you give murderers?

If anyone doesn't think sodomy is as heinous a sin as murder, let the Word of God show them. Let them read his Word, He makes it quite clear.

The one sin kills the body, the other kills the soul of children.


KC said...

Agreed. However they attack you if you are not Tolerant of them.

I have maintained that in addition to being againsat the laws of GOD they are also against the laws Of Nature.

They dont get it. It would be so simple if they just went back into their closets.

P Maillet said...

Actually it's better like this. The enemy isn't hiding anymore. The works of darkness are being exposed.

KC said...

True, but they are coming into my home, via t.v. radio, internet, newspaper. Their disgusting parades down the streets with near nudity and sexual imitation, gyration is most dispicable.

They have encroached into the schools and are teaching our kids to be sinful and be proud.

One should never be proud of sin. And this is where they fall into the abyss, they are embracing ( pride is another sin) their vileness and encouraging kids to do the same, under the threat of law in some cases...( Just look at the UK).
Now I know how LOT most have felt.

P Maillet said...

We were forewarned that the last days would be like this. It's a cancer growing and there's no way to stop it. We are "the salt of the earth," and such we will do all in our power to reject the evils being poured out upon us. But ultimately, ONLY the Messiah will be able to put a stop to it.

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