Connect The Dots...

As I watch the cease-fire taking place today, with Israel suffering a great humiliation.....

Make no bones about it, this was a real defeat for Israel.

1.) They did NOT receive the kidnapped soldiers back -- and remember, this was the REASON they went into military action.

2.) They did not defeat or even disarm Hezbollah and the Muslims are ecstatic.

It is not coincidental that Ariel Sharon's picture is all over the news today - along with the news of Israel's failure. If you have eyes to see, and ears to hear, perhaps you will recognize the point the Lord is making by showing these two pictures simultaneously.

Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, in every war Israel fought the Lord gave Israel a resounding victory against the aggressors, even though the aggressors FAR outnumbered the Israelis. In fact, in every war there were numerous accounts of supernatural events happening which protected the Israelis and gave to them the victories they could never have attained alone against the multi-nation attacks from the surrounding Arab states.

This is the first time since 1948 that Israel withdraws in defeat.

And on this day, the day of their humiliating failure, along with those pictures ---we are also seeing pictures of Ariel Sharon on our tv screens as his health greatly deteriorates and brings him close to death.

For those who don't remember - just about a year ago, in August of 2005, Ariel Sharon -under heavy influence from the US - forcibly removed every Jew from Gaza -THOUSANDS of them -and handed that southern portion of Israel which God had restored to them -handed it over to their enemies. Immediately afterwards, immediately after seeing the graphic and horrific pictures of Jews being forcibly and physically dragged away from their homes -- what happened? America suddenly had to evacuate HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of its people from it's southern border as hurricane Katrina wrought "unprecedented" destruction in this southern area of the USA, and within less than 6 months Ariel Sharon was cut down by a stroke and has been laying in a coma ever since.

And now....Israeli defeat and humiliation. And on the same day that Sharon's picture is shown on tv every few minutes as his health greatly deteriorates......

Connect the dots.

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