Media Response

I don't know if you can see America's Fox News from Israel. It's our "conservative" news outlet.

I'm embarrassed as I listen to these conservative talking heads trying to put a positive spin on this Hamas win. Everyone's hoping Hamas will renounce violence and come to the peace table. I get so frustrated with the "wise" men of the world and the total and absolute foolishness that comes out of their mouths.

They actually think that this pit-bull can be made into a poodle. It's absolutely unbelievable. I squirmed and twisted inside as I listened to President Bush's statements. They're broadcasting only what he said about being unable to negotiate peace with a peace partner who has an agenda of the destruction of Israel.

That's the part they're broadcasting. But I heard the whole thing -his praise for the great step the Palestinians took in holding a truly democratic vote. His pleasure that they've sent a message that they weren't satisfied with the status quo and therefore their vote against what was the status quo. His insistence that we can democratize the Muslim regimes of the Middle East, as we're democratizing Iraq and Afghanistan. (Oh yeah?) I felt sick to my stomach. I'm just glad they're not broadcasting the utterly foolish statements he made, at least on Fox News.

And in Israel:
"President Moshe Katsav says negotiations with PA on poeace settlement can materialize if Hamas reounces terror, recognized Israel."

This makes me absolutely shudder. The thought that all Hamas has to do is say some politically-correct words and then they'll be accepted as peace partners in good faith and we'll get on with it!


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