Devastating News For Israel!

This is devastating news that threatens to change the whole situation in the Middle East and possibly for the whole world. The Palestinians held their elections this week, and Hamas has won.

What does that mean?

Fatah, the present administration under Mahmoud Abbas, was involved in negotiations with Israel under the US "Road Map" model of land for peace. That was bad enough. It was a ploy. But it bought time and necessitated that terrorist attacks be kept at a minimum during that time to give the appearance of the Palestinians cooperating with Israel and working toward a "two-state" goal.

This is the end of that story. Now the Iran-backed Islamic terrorist group Hamas takes over.

*** Hamas is the terrorist organization that says they will never negotiate with Israel, because their goal is the eradication of Israel off the face of the earth, period.

*** The US has always said it will never negotiate with Hamas because it is an avowed terrorist organization.

*** Hamas candidate, Mahmoud Zahar, said his group is "not going to change a single word" in its covenant calling for Israel's destruction."

This is an awful turning point in the story, and it portends disaster.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Those who love you will prosper."
-Psalm 122:6

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