Islamists Plan World Revolution

Islamic radicals have been using the Temple Mount as a focal point for planning and preaching the establishment of a world Islamic state with Jerusalem as its capital.

One of the radical groups operating on the Temple Mount is Hizab Altahrir, which espouses an ideology similar to Al Qaeda. Hizab Altahrir’s network spans most Western European countries. The party puts Islamic revolution and an uncompromising form of Jihad ('holy' war) at the top of its political agenda. The group advocates subjecting the entire world to Islamic law, and destroying all non-believing nations and religions.

On the Temple Mount near the Dome of the Rock, Altahrir’s youth recently put up a giant banner declaring "Revolution is a Divine Command." (See top photo). The youth were greeted by partymembers who shouted, "Next year in Jerusalem,under the rule of the Islamic revolution."

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KC said...

wouldn't it be great that when Jesus returns the first place his foot lands is that mosque in Isreal? (and crushes it of course)

P Maillet said...

He laughs from the heavens. These satanic puppets are no threat to Him. He's giving them time to show what they can do -- and then He will show what HE ALONE can do!

Lista said...


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