Defiant Decadence

By an odd "coincidence," an enormous gay-rights celebration of decadence was scheduled for New Orleans just as the worst natural disaster ever to strike our nation was venting its full fury there.

Over 150,000 homosexuals were expected to attend the event, and the French Quarter was to be filled with party-goers, many of them roaming the streets at night and committing lewd acts in public. Last year, a video tape of the drunken revelers committing sex acts in public was sent to Mayor Nagin and the City Council, but the city fathers of New Orleans, in their concern for the economic future of New Orleans and the tourist dollars that the event would bring in, issued official proclamations welcoming the organization.

The event had been scheduled for Wednesday August 31st, but when that date came, the destructive force of the natural disaster was at its peak. However, despite the devastation and ongoing suffering by thousands from Hurricane Katrina, homosexuals paraded on Bourbon Street in New Orleans over the weekend, and have rescheduled their "Southern Decadence" event for tomorrow.

"The shocking callousness of New Orleans' gay activists towards the severe suffering of its fellow citizens cannot be adequately articulated in a news report," says James Hartline, a former homosexual, who describes the "Southern Decadence" festival as being "replete with tens of thousands of men and women engaged in public nudity, prostitution, illegal drug use and destructive public sado-masochistic sex. The idea that human beings are continuing to party while hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens are starving, dying and suffering brings into focus the real lack of judgment that these constant advocates of special gay rights demonstrate in a time of crisis."

Hurricane Katrina walloped New Orleans just two days before the homosexual "Southern Decadence" festival was to begin there. Now it has been slated to go on tomorrow in the nearby town of Lafayette, Louisiana. The event has been endorsed by Mayor Ray Nagin, who promoted the activities in a letter stating: "There is no place like this on Earth! Southern Decadence is an exciting event. We welcome you and know that you can anticipate great food, great music and great times in New Orleans."

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