America Asks Why

Many, many people are aware that judgment on this country is long overdue. Billy Graham has stated it, as well as many others. As a nation we've kicked God out of our schools, out of our courts, and in effect, out of our land. We've destroyed 46 million children off the face of our land. We've allowed the sodomist agenda to rule over us and take over our land. We've declared that God is not our creator, but that instead we evolved out of the slime of the earth. We're a country that's turned our backs on our God.

That message is easier to give, because it's so obvious. Most wouldn't argue with that.

But there's another thing going on here, that the many have not yet come to see. The most important thing in this century to the heart of God is the work he is doing in bringing back the children of Israel to the land he gave to their fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and to the 12 tribes of Israel - to the land God solemnly swore to give to them as an everlasting possession. We've lost sight of that, because of the disciplinary dispersion of them throughout the world just as he had told them would happen to them if they rebelled against him. He did, however, make it clear that this disciplinary scattering of them would be only for a time, though it lasted 2,000 years, but that in "the last days" he would bring them BACK to their land, to restore them and prepare the nation for the coming of the Messiah within the context of this restoration.

This regathering has been taking place throughout this generation and is still taking place even on a daily basis. I know. I was there in Israel. I've seen it with my own eyes.

How does this apply to us? It does. Does it ever!

God has made it very clear in his Word (the Bible) that anyone opposing the work of his restoration of his people Israel ---will come under tremendous judgment. In 1993, former President Bill Clinton began the greatest opposition to God's agenda in Israel that has taken place since the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948. Clinton brought Yasser Arafat to Washington, and he brought Itzhak Rabin, the then-Prime Minister of Israel, and put unbearable pressure upon Rabin to agree to the Oslo Accords, the purpose of which was the relinquishing of Israeli land to the Muslim enemies of Israel, in exchange for peace.

That was the beginning of the end for this great country of America. Anyone who pressures Israel to give away the land that God is in the process of restoring to them in fulfillment of his Word, that nation will come under great judgment. And it's only just begun.

God has been exceedingly merciful to America, for the sake of the believers he has here, believers who have been commissioned to pray and to intercede for this great land. And pray we have. But God's mercy at some point will come to an end. There will be a point at which He would no longer tolerate the destruction of, or the opposition to his work in fulfilling the promises he has made to Israel.

He pleaded with us. He allowed this country to be attacked by the very enemies of Israel, the Muslim fundamentalists, in 2001 when they destroyed the towers which were the symbols of our prosperity. Then a couple years later, he allowed massive areas in California to be destroyed by fire. Again, as it so happened, I was there in California at the time. I saw it. I breathed in the smoke that filled the air.

Last year he allowed four massive hurricanes to pound against Florida, one after another, until the people were utterly exhausted from it all. This year he allowed one of the greatest catastrophes in American history to hit one of our cities, New Orleans, Louisiana. Immediately after pressuring Israel to evacuate her southern border and give Gaza to the Muslim enemies of God, what happened to us? We ended up evacuating OUR southern borders!!!

And that was answered by a demonstration the following week of sodomists parading in the streets defiantly declaring their "Southern Decadence." And now he's making his point more pointedly as once again we're going to be slammed by another disaster.

I've presented to you what He has granted me to "see" -- the fact that this most assuredly is judgment --and that long overdue because of the bounty of his mercies which may now be coming to and end. But I haven't spoken loudly and clearly of the connection of this to the policy of our nation as it opposes God's agenda of restoring the children of Israel to their land in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. I held back from saying much about it because I felt most just would not "get it."

But something happened this morning to make it so clear that I can't hold back proclaiming it anymore.

What was that?

It was the sight of a bus in flames.

Where else have you seen .................buses in flames?

Oh America, come to repentance, the door is not going to be open much longer. Let us repent of the grossness of our sins, and of what we have ALLOWED to overtake us. Take a stand against the banishing of God from our land. Take a stand against the homosexual agenda forcing itself to be considered an approved "alternate lifestyle." Look at Sodom and Gomorrha for evidence of what God thinks about that "alternate lifestyle."

And though it may not be clear to you yet, we must repent from allowing this country to oppose the Ruler of the Universe, the God of all creation, from his agenda of restoring the sons and daughters of Jacob to the land of their fathers in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. America, get informed on this subject! There are many in this country who do understand it and are willing to share with you what God has shown them.

America, you MUST TAKE A STAND! You must take a stand with the President of this country and its Congress, and tell them they must STOP interfering with God's restoration of the land of Israel and the restoration of the children of Jacob.

I don't know if we've crossed the line yet, into it being too late for this country. But I do know that if this country is to be spared, we must not only disapprove of the terrible sins in our land, but we must TAKE A STAND against them. And voice these things to the President and to Congress.

Take a stand. Before it's too late....

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