Woe To Those Who Touch His People

As I prayed for the people in the gulf states, I wondered if this is "just" a random occurance ---or is it more than that?

An international speaker I know has made the connection in the past, that whenever an American president has dared to oppose what God is doing in Israel, the US is ALWAYS hit with disaster.

Consider this: Due to pressure from the United States, Israel has recently evacuated thousands of residents of their southern communities, and then gone in with bulldozers and demolished their homes. We all saw the heartbreaking pictures of those who resisted -- being carried off physically, with both the victims and the soldiers in tears. Not only was the United States government behind this, but the Secretary of State's pronouncement afterward was, "it can't stop at Gaza."

HEAR AMERICA: What's happening to us now? We're EVACUATING half a million people from our southern states, while our southern coast is being demolished.

Let him who has ears to hear, hear therefore.


Lista said...

We've got to get more people reading your blog, Paula. I believe that's the name I clicked on in order to get here. I started from the bottom only because the posts are shorter and I guess these posts are pretty old, yet you are right on and you don't have many commenters. People need to hear this stuff.

P Maillet said...

Thanks, Lista.

I've done all I know to do to get my blogs "out there." I'm not that tech savvy, but I've put labels on them al and submitted them to Technorati and other blog search engines. I don't know how successful bloggers get the "traffic" that they do.

Lista said...

Here's the link that I usually give to new bloggers. I'm sure there is more information out there than this, yet this is where I learned what I know. All it is is a post from some guy who was "Appealing to the Masses" for help with his blog. His blog is no longer active. I got most of my information from a comment that Gayle left that has been deleted, yet I rewrote what I could remember from what she said. Here's the link.

Jet Patriot Needs to Appeal to the Masses

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