Katrina Update

For my friends in countries other than the US:
One reason you're not seeing a lot of pictures is that they can't get into many areas to take pictures! The helicopters they have are being used to rescue hundreds of people from roof tops. And boats are going in trying to get people out. 80% of New Orleans is submerged, and the situation is even more severe in Mississippi.

Many thousands of people who were unable to flee the city took refuge in the New Orleans Superdome arena. They're going to be there for awhile, because there's nowhere for them to go. Food is being brought in, but there is no electricity. Bathrooms are filthy. The situation is especially difficult for the frail and elderly in wheelchairs, who were lined up in rows five deep along a wall. One patient's IV bag was attached to a stadium seating sign.

Now that rescue is starting to get in there, they're reporting that the devastation is far worse than they imagined. They're shocked. They're appalled. The news media are saying that this is the greatest devastation ever to hit the United States.

Electricity across southern Louisiana and Mississippi is out, and they're saying it's going to be out for weeks and in some cases longer. Most of the roads are under water. In many areas, water is up to the rooftops. In many areas, water is OVER the rooftops.

Some people didn't evacuate when the orders were issued, because in the past the evacuations were heeded but turned out in the end to have been unnecessary, so people were thinking the evacuation orders this time, were "crying wolf again." Well this time all should have left. In one building where people chose to stick it out, they found 30 dead.

Those trapped in their houses are not only without electricity but also without drinking water. Boats are being sent through the streets to pick up as many people as they can. As I write this, they're evacuating 500 critical care patients from hospitals -- by boat. With so much flooding, disease is going to be a real issue. There are going to be "critters" everywhere, and animal carcasses are going to be huge problem.

Another thing adding to the suffering is the current temperatures in the 90's, with 90% humidity. Miserable, when there is no air conditioning ...because there is no electricity.

A "breaking news" alert has just said that they're expecting hundreds dead in Biloxi, Mississippi. In addition to all this, there are half a million people who DID evacuate, and they won't be able to get back to their homes for weeks, perhaps months. Many, if not most, are going to find their homes either not there at all, or extremely damaged from water that rose to the ceiling, and in many cases, higher.
Rotted wood, mud, dead animals ....enough said.

Insurance costs are going to exceed 25 BILLION dollars!

The devastation across Louisiana and Mississippi is unimaginable.

All around the area is an eerie silence.

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